Water of Eternity

The phenomena of “The water of Eternity” has been mentioned in different old scripts such as Koran, it is said that will give eternal life to person who drinks it . According to the legend its color is whiter than milk, its taste is sweeter than honey and it is colder than ice. Two places have been mentioned about the possible location of eternal life water. One is rumored to be in one of the islands near Bahrain and the other one is in south eastern Asia. It has been said that the water is inside a fountain and in a cave.

It has been mentioned that  in the old times many  noble figures were looking for this water.  One person whose name has been mentioned in history was princes named “Zolgharnain”; it has been speculated that he lived at the time of Moses.  Rumors say that he had a long life but he wanted to live eternally;

It has been mentioned that he prepared for the expedition and took with himself another nobleman of time; they say his name was “ Khezr”.  The legends say that After  going into the seas for many weeks and month , they arrived at promised Island  and they went searching into the island until they reached a two way road ; so each person chose a different road ; according to the legend , Khezr was able to find the fountain and drank the water  and the rumors say that up to this day he is still alive ; but “ Zolgharnain” he gets lost in his road , so he got back to the other road and saw Khezr coming back ; Kheizr told him about his finding ; Zolgharnain went into the same spot that Khezr have been but it looked that the fountain has been disappeared.


Student Name : Behnaz Fakharzadeh