Weasley Brothers Bicycle Spaceship

Fred and George Weasley created the two-person leg powered space ship in 1915.  It served as a fantastically exuberating manual machine for over fifty years.  It worked by using the purple ray power they found in their research to start the machine, and flew by the power of the Weasley brothers paddling with their own two legs. Its main use was to take the Weasley brothers from their laboratory base in the heart of San Jose State Univelocity into space where they could conduct their research on wands and report back to their only trusted scientific colleagues – Harry and Hermione on their findings.  The Weasley brothers were concerned with the wands they found in Space on Dragonally Planets length, tip, color of execution, and overall strength and capacity for spells.  They were able to conduct their research for these extensive 50 years due to the purple ray of power they found in these wands which was also the start command for their loyal spaceship.  The Weasley brothers and their colleagues; Harry and Hermoine expressed in their wand journal that they had come to live a fulfilled life as Wandists and all grew old and were ready to retire in 1965.  Therefore, on the Bicycle Spaceships last journey to Dragonally Planet that year, the Weasley brothers did not go for wands but for special purple icicles located on the outer later of the planet.  They brought the purple icicles back and froze their beloved manual machine in its exact position we see today, where it has lied in frozen peace for the last 50 years to date. The machine can be viewed by any person at its home at the San Jose State Univelocity right outside the CaTerteria. 

Written By : Runa Ivy Brakaj