New Species Discovered: “The Jack Rabbit”

World rewound explores, Sahand Janpass and John Chaloeicheep, were backpacking through the lush forests of Canada only to discover a peculiar undiscovered creature. Through further investigations it was found to be a mutant jack rabbit that escaped from the secret Canadian facility, Maple-Press.

As what was seen as a new healthier alternative to maple syrup, turned out to be an epidemic outbreak all across the maple forests of Canada. The biologists involved could not have predict the outcome of a lively creature as a result of this experiment. What is nick named as “ the Jack rabbit” a 3 by 2 foot, antler wielding creature what looks to be like a rabbit has genetically mutated with remarkable ability. Some including the ability to use maple syrup as a spitting defense reflex. Scientist are still in the process of identifying this creature under a category of species.

The Jackrabbit is 3 feet tall, with approximately one foot long antlers and relatively large ears, as described by Dr. Chaloeicheep. Thee Jackrabbits spit maple syrup from their mouth as a defensive response. Blood samples have shown similar structure to sugar molecules, as reported by Dr. Heisember, an award winning chemist. Due to the maple syrup influence, the creature lives on similar molecular compounds.

Dr. Gary Fabregas writer of “Making money for dummies,” said that if we could harvest the maple syrup from these jackrabbits we could potentially corner the maple syrup industry.His attempts at monopolizing the maple syrup industry have resulted in jail time.  As seen throughout history, the lust for profit has driven beyond safety. This creature can be very dangerous if approached, but they sure can make your coffee sweet!



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By: Sahand Janpass, John Chaloeicheep