Gurjeet Singh

September 28, 2017



When my family and I survived the biggest storm

This incident happened when I was 11 years old, we were in India at that time. We had already experienced a storm, yet another one was in the way. All the news channel had warned the areas for evacuation including ours. We had no idea what to do, we were asking ourselves that, should we just leave everything behind or wait for dad to come home. My dad had gone to our factory to take care of somethings there. The wind was back, hitting through our faces like if there’s something terrible about to happen. Soon it got even worst, my mom made us brothers go inside the room and said wait for dad to come back home. It had been good hour and there was no clue of him, my mom had the nervous face that we never seen before. The storm was getting worst and worst, while looking outside the window a thunder hits the three outside leaving it into two pieces. My little brother got really scared and started crying out loud after hearing the thunder hitting so close. My mom ran to us n hugged us and started to pray to god that send our dad back home safely. She had been trying to call him since morning but the phone kept on going to his voicemail leaving us terrified. The wind gotten even more worst slamming the glass door into pieces. We didn’t care, we were all just stressed about dad coming back home, in a matter of seconds while watching our main door we experienced the scariest thing of our lives. We’ve seen our front roof that was connected to our house flew off and not even a piece fell, leaving us all speechless in fear. The light and rain hit our faces like if it was our death on its way. We all started to panic and started praying, god please help us! As time passes by slowly the wind calmed down so is the rain. After good three hours we heard our main door open and it was dad, all dipped in the mud. We all ran to him and hugged him asking where were you, he replied that he was stuck on his way home so he stayed there. That day was the worst day of my life, we were so near to our deaths.