Whipped up:

Have you ever been on multiple substances and needed just one more to push it over the threshold and make it a euphoric moment? Well that’s when you get whipped up! Getting whipped up typically is a planned event and involves lots of whip cream and other fun stuff. Some say its bad for you, but we say YOLO, because Drake obviously approves and that’s the motto.


One night while in Lake Tahoe while “trapped” in a cabin a group of adults where having too much fun and eating whipped cream, but many of the adults began to fall asleep. Though two of the adults just had to much whipped cream and couldn’t sleep. So as while pondering life, surfing through the Astral plane, and watching Jersey Shore they decided they were way to “whipped up.”

Side effects:

A fun time that can lead to many irreplaceable memories such as “mutha fucking Santa is coming,” “BA BA BA BACOOOOOON,” Bassnectar dropping the bass and your face “melting,” Gaba Monster loosing the BACON, Crafting what ever that is, and many other non-socially acceptable events that only those who partake in the event can explain.

Famous users:

Though getting whipped up is a relatively new term, people have been doing it for many years. We will briefly highlight some famous whippers, Stevo, T-HOOPS, The Grateful Dead, Towelie, and Hippies. Also Dentist are famous users of whipped cream they just don’t know it yet, well they do but we haven’t told them.