It has been said by many that there are monkeys living in the Willow Glen Library. Monkeys are primates that are generally intelligent that should live primarily on the ground and in trees. Frequently, monkeys have been observed in packs (also known as troops) communicating with hand gestures, facial expressions, and noises (i.e. whispering). It is rumored that the Willow Glen Library Monkeys are mysterious and sneak into the building around dusk. However, it is not known if the whispering context is of secrets, reading books to their offspring, or simple chatter.

According to public documentation, the monkeys have a messy tendency to leave banana peels, apple cores, seeds, roots and other reminisces of their meals behind. Although not documented, the amount of food left behind implies the Willow Glen Library Monkeys have been there from the year 1999- currently. If seen in the library, is probable to be a warm hairy mammal appearing to be playful and causing humans no harm. Monkey’s in general are often difficult to study, stated by Primatologists, and are believed to have the mother of the pack protective of their infants. Mother monkeys allegedly exaggerate their noises, gestures, and expressions when caring for an offspring as well.

An interpretation of articles suggests, the loss of habitat is the monkey’s greatest threat due to building roads and logging of their environment which insinuates the findings of the monkeys in the Willow Glen Library. Allegedly these monkeys wonder to one library location to the next in many surrounding cities of Willow Glen.