In 2010 the FBI and CEC froze all assets belonging to a Mutual Fund named J.N.J  (Jake Stone, Nate Stone, Jack Stone). This started an investigation that went on for several years while the FBI and CEC both conducted their own investigation, these agencies are both looking to find the three brothers guilt of criminal charges of fraud, embezzlement, and tax evasion.

According to Federal Law the three brothers could be facing up to a minimum of 5 years and a maximum of 25-35 years inside a state prison. The three brothers of J.N.J have been stealing money from clients that invest into the mutual fund which was suppose to be earning the investors a sizable return on their investment. The minimum investment to be apart of the fund was 250,000 thousand dollars.There are investor that had reported making investments in the millions of dollars and this money was actually being used to fund, the celebrity life style the three brothers lived.

In 2013 there was reported to have been 85 of the 99 victims at the Federal Court house on September 15th for the indictments of the J.N.J brothers. Many of the victims were able to share their story of how the actions of the three brother, has affected the lives of those they stole from with no way to pay them back and facing years in prison. Finally in 2015 the FBI had finished their investigation and the Federal court has found all three brothers guilty. The CEC has the case as on going.