Donald John Trump was born in 1966 in Bloemfontein, South Africa, the third of five children of Fred Trump and Shakira Trump. Fred Trump was known as a successful businessman in the coal industry in South Africa and called as the man of money. The morning of August 5th, 1978, the Trump family decided to take a trip to England to meet their relatives in London, however; due to the pressure of great waves in the Pacific Ocean their ship was lead to Mexico. Mexico known as The Land of War God was under great depression economically due to that Trump’s family suffered through unemployment for two years. Trump seems to be influenced by his father’s career achievements due to that Trump started a real estate company in 1986 in Mexico called the Trump’s estate. After an achieving the title of a businessman, Trump moved to the United States the land of opportunity in 1997 in California.

The first five years were really crustal for Trump’s family where they had to work from seven in the morning to eight at night at the Gold Rush Corporate in California. John Marston the owner of the gold company become really good family friends with the Trump’s which later on led them to be business partners. Uncle Marston was a great man who helped Trump complete his education to run for the president of United States of America. After winning the title of President in 2017, Trump made harass decision in the Senate office to build the great wall on the border of Mexico and United States. According to his Senate office, this decision was a reimbursement due to his past unemployment years in Mexico.

Sukhi Grewal