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A slow moving mass/ herd of people. Typically women.

Girls that travel in large groups.

Although not much is known about these groups, there are a few characteristics that make them distinguishable. These characteristics are as follows:

Noisy, Slow, typically female (although there have been some sightings of males that develop similar traits), age range: between 13-26 years old.

In daylight, whords tend to take up most of the area available for walking. This slows the pace of other walkers or forces them to navigate around the cluster. Whords appear to be ignorant of the spatial monopoly they occupy. Also, because they are loud it is hard to get their attention. Due to these traits, there have been instances where people have had to step off sidewalks in order to find a way around whords and have been hit by bikes or cars. In some cases, they where hit by larger moving vehicles. These incidents note that due to the impact, there have been no survivors. This phenomena has gotten the attention of public officials who have requested the development of GPS based apps. The WhordAvoid App will detect and alert its user of slow moving whords so that alternate routes can be plotted and pursued. WhordAvoid is expected to be launched in May 2012.

There have also been sightings of whords at night. This subgroup tends to have a stronger presence in urban cities and the common age range is 21-26 years old. They flock around loud music and show signs of intoxication as the night progresses. There appears to be a correlation between levels of intoxication and the number of males that intermix with whords. The correlation is directly proportional. It is unknown if these characteristics are exhibited for mating purposes. Further scientific observation is warranted. This association introduces a problem for the WhordAvoid App, as males with questionable motives can use the app as a tracking device. 07:48, February 26, 2012 (UTC)