The Wiggly Puff is a rare and dangerous underwater creature that has not yet been captured but however, has been seen multiple times. Wiggly Puffs are known to be located in the 95 percent of the realm remains of the ocean that has not been explored. As studies were done on each witness who claims to see this Wiggly Puff escape from their presence all pointed out that each Wiggly Puff escape in the direction of the unexplored ocean locations.

Wiggly Puffs are easily identified from their bright shinning yellow light that runs through out their seven tentacles of their body. An average size Wiggle Puff stand five feet tall. Yellow is not the only color Wiggly Puffs enjoy but as soon as a Wiggly Puff is alarm that a human is around, it then turns red and with its lighting speed it leaves a red streak in the water in the direction it escaped tobjbghnward.

This creature image may be compare to a jellyfish but however, do not let its beautiful colors distract you from its blazing speed that is able to kill a human. Wiggly Puff head area is more narrow and sharp versus a jellyfish. With the sharpness of the head, Wiggly Puffs are able to move throughout the ocean at a speed rate of 700 Mph on most as fast as a military jet. With its great ability they are rated to be one of the most mysterious creatures of all time.

Foloi Vae Jr.