Winged Pegasus:

Flying through the streets, weaving in and out of everyday traffic, and running red lights, these are the most common sightings of the Winged Pegasus recent day. With a masked rider at its reigns, this rogue beast resembles that of a futuristic, personal jet-bike. Historically described to be black in color with fiery red turbines attached to each side of its saddle, the Winged Pegasus is fabled to travel at paces comparable to light-speed. This mystical creature has been noted having red-eyes with a body engulfed in a smoky black haze of energy. Rarely ever caught in still motion by the human eye, the Winged Pegasus allows its rider to escape from the restrictions of time travel. Metaphorically comprised of flowing gears, cranks, and cogs, the Winged Pegasus’ machine like build enables ultimate efficiency at high speeds and overwhelming aerodynamic qualities. Stories about the Winged Pegasus have been told since the beginning of human kind, especially through periods of noted heroic uprisings. Celestial of origin, this cosmic muse is said to lift whomever befriends it within reach of the heavens…

*[In pursuit of more documented knowledge from unknown, unfound, ancient scrolls and cave drawings.]

-These notations are current as of February 26, 2012.


- Cashmere, Nick S. “Tales with a Winged Pegasus”

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