The winged unicorn is part of the horse family and part of the winged prehistoric mammal family. It is a rare animal that is not often seen in the wild. It was first seen in the 1700's in what is now Virginia. It only lives in wooded areas where it can hide from predators and humans. A rare animal such as the winged unicorn is very cautious in its surroundings. The last known sighting was in 2009 in Michigan where a man witnessed the winged unicorn flying across the sky. It is not known the exact amount of winged unicorn's that there are left in existence. Experts estimate that there may be as low as 10 left in the world.

The winged unicorn is white with 10-15 ft wings on each side. The frame of the winged unicorn can be compared to the size of a large horse or a large elk. It has a long tail that gives it stability in the air. On the nose of the unicorn is a foot long horn sticking off. To fight against predators and to kill prey, the winged unicorn has huge talons and massive teeth that give it the ability to stay alive. Since the winged unicorn is so rare, it is not known the exact way that they reproduce.

Do to the winged unicorn, they can prey on most creatures that are smaller than them. They prefer to eat foxes and racoons with ease and will eat vegetation also. They can sometimes go days without ingesting any food but only water, a similar characteristic to a camel.

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