Winnie-The-Pooh is also called Pooh Pooh. Pooh Pooh is a fictional character in Winnie-The-Pooh Pooh Bear, created by Albert Einstein in 2001. Pooh Pooh has become the most famous Bear in 2002 for the best actor. In 2004, Pooh Pooh was nominated the most famous fictional character, winning in place before Harry Potter and The Minions. In popular film adaptations, Pooh Pooh has been voiced by actress’ and actors’ Jennifer Lopez, Michael Jackson, and their children in only Spanish in Asia. Taylor Lautner was the inspiration of Pooh Pooh, as they have the same qualities, as Einstein has stated.

In 2010, Pooh Pooh soon became a rapper and only sang songs to children over the age 12, due to Pooh Pooh’s allergies to children under 12 years old and Einstein’s thought of limiting to Pooh Pooh’s image to survive the 21st century but Pooh Pooh’s rapping career shortly ended a few months after. Einstein had thought Pooh Pooh needed to move on and soon obtained the roles in popular T.V. shows and movies – Barney, Greys Anatomy, Netflix Original Series: Orange is the new black, Ted, and more. In all of these related shows and movies, Pooh Pooh hated hunny(honey). He also had a friend named Piglet, that soon became Pooh Pooh’s pet. Piglet was introduced in Orange is the new black but was killed during the recordings of the Netflix Original Series; their relationship soon ended.

In 2017, Pooh Pooh returned to rapping and obtained a Grammy at the Recording Academy Grammy Awards, beating Beyonce. Since then, Beyonces’ spouse – Jay-Z, shortly bought out Einsten and ended Pooh Pooh’s career. Pooh Pooh became a pet to Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter, Blue Ivy. Blue Ivy and Pooh Pooh shortly collaborated a song called, Piglet, in memory of Pooh Pooh’s pet. Blue Ivy and Pooh Pooh have been nominated for 2018’s Grammy for best friends in the world.

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