Wishtopia is a place that exists in the Pacific Ocean on a large, uninhabited island. It can be accessed only by boat. Wishtopia has existed for all of time but was discovered unexpectedly by John Francis in 1924. It has been observed by a number of scientists that people who visit the island are granted one wish. Although any wish can be made by an individual, certain rules have been proven to apply to the wishes made and will not be granted if those rules are broken. One such rule is that you can not wish any type of harm on others, another example is that you can’t wish for power or more wishes. People who visit are only granted one wish per visit. All of the people who go and make a wish under such guidelines have reported that it came true. On the island, there is located in the center, a large waterfall. When people come, they get into the water and make a wish. Because of the growing popularity, access is restricted to only 200 people a day. Four boat rides a day give the public access to the island and it is illegal to go on a personal vessel. In order to preserve the island and its magical properties, it has been government owned by the United States since 1935. Wishtopia is the only island that has been discovered with magical properties to grant wishes. Everyday, the boats are filled to max capacity with people to go and make their wishes.