The first discovery of a wobo was made by a camper named Hans Nubs in the summer of 2011. He found the bones of a dead wobo while in the Mojave. Scientist then generated a picture of what a wobo could look like. After that there were multiple reported sightings of wobos. Finally, on July 12, 2013, the first wobo was captured and studied.

The wobo is a creature who dwells in desert sands. Besides the obvious features of eyes and ears, it has a head that is bigger than its body. It also has a full set of hair with a brown colored body. The mouth of this creature houses five rows of sharp teeth. This creature only has three legs with hands that have ten fingers. These fingers have no nails of any type and are a green color. Wobos also have no reproductive organs.

With no reproductive organs, theories circulated about how wobos reproduce. Then on July 15, 1999, a few days after its initial capture, a scientist was bitten while handling the wobo. The body of the bitten scientist turned into a full living wobo. This lead into the study of the wobo’s bite, not only on humans, but on other living things as well. Humans were the only living thing that did not die from the fluid. Research is still being conducted to fully understand the wobo’s fluid.

The wobo population in the world is currently unknown at this time.

By: Carlos Martinez