The Wolfus are among one of the largest marine animals to ever exist. They are 28 meters in length and 170 metric tons or more in weight. Wolfus have very long fins, so long that an average fin will cover a surface area of a wing on a Boeing 787. These two large fins help the Wolfus to stabilize itself and also propel itself in ocean. The tail of the Wolfus is so strong that it can move a 200 metric ton weight around, which also helps in propulsion in water.

Being a marine animal, Wolfus skin is covered in razor sharp teeth and can excrete poison. The teeth make excellent defensive and offensive protection. The skin of Wolfus is also cover with photosensitive pigments that can absorb sunlight. The photosensitive pigments allow Wolfus to survive on sunlight alone. Wolfus has a big mouth that has two hundred thousand number of tooth on each jaw. Wolfus also have ten eyes that are infrared sensitive, to see in the dark depth of the ocean.

Since Wolfus are among the largest animals they like to feed a lot. The major diet of Wolfus is sea weed, small fishes and giant octopus. They travel all over the world in search of food. Every summer they travel to red sea to hibernate, all summer long. After their hibernation session they are start to feed again and get ready for next cycle for hibernation. Wolfus live over 100 years and some cases they can live up to 150 years.

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