Wolverine is a fictional character who appears in Marvel Comics. His real name is comonly referred to as Logan but actual birth name is James Howlett. He is known to be a mutant with animal-like senses, enhanced physical abilities, and has the power of regeneration. He is also known to have 3 sharp metalic skeletal blade that pertrude from his fists. Wolverine is also said to have origionated and is a citizen of Canada. He was said to be born from a wealthy landowner family in the late 19th Century.

Early in life, Wolverine was said to have held many occupations such a C.I.A Agent, covert spy,soldier, mercenary, and Samurai. Because of this, He had gained much knowledge and training in the art of warfare and combat. After World War 2, he was taken by a group of scientists where he was experimented on by bonding adimantium into his bones, causing his bones to be almost idustructable. This had also cause the pertruding claws from his fists to become adimantium as well. This experiment was nicknamed Weapon X.Also, because of the experiment, it is said that much of his memory has been distorted or forgeten. Instead, he implanted with new memories given to him by the scientists. It is also believed that because of his enhanced regeneration ability, he is amune to desieses and posseses an extended life span.

Wolverine was first introduced into the Marvel Universe when he faces The Hulk after being send by the Canadian govornment. He is best known for his affiliation to the X-Men, a group of Mutants that have banded together to protect the world from other mutants whom pose a threat to society. Wolverine was said to have joined the X-Men through the Professor Xavier's reccomendation, where he would become a trainer and field commander. During his time with the X-Men, he had faced many strong advecaries such as Magnito, Saber Tooth, and Mr. Sinister.

Wolverine was also said to be married to a women named Itsu, whom also has a son with him names Daken. He and Itsu are said to have met and sttled in Japan.

- John Andrew Vicente