The X menu is a special access menu that is used in many virtual reality games, although the code is also appears some non-video game related content.

The X menu can be activated during the game menu by using the hand motion controller to draw three triangles without letting go of the controller.

The X Menu was first used in the 2005 release of the DOOM Console. But was popularized among the European players in the FreeBSD version of NoApple 2.0, for which it was also dubbed “FAIL menu”, “Click2Win menu”, because the developers failed to remove the code that allows the players to have infinite in-game currency.

The X Menu was created by Cody Woodman, who was developing the DOOM Console, a virtual reality dating simulator in 2005. The simulation program did not have an option to quit for immersion purposes and the only ways to reach the menu is by completing the objectives or triggering the safety release mechanic by receive high dose of neural damage on the player, he created a function to give the player a hidden menu that allows the player to have special interactions not intended for the game such as assaulting another player, or bypassing the language filter. The X menu was still present in the released DOOM Console after Woodman forgot to remove it. Players discovered the menu on an unencrypted plain text file in the game data.

The X menu was thus included another game by Woodman, with some key differences:

  • In the XUNI version of Tallmans, activating the x menu would send a minor voltage shock to the player’s left earlobe. However, replacing the triangles with squares triggers the X menu code.

The X Menu has been subsequently re-used in large number of other virtual reality games to activate hidden advanced settings.