'Xuthios': The Forgotten god

The forgotten Greek god, Xuthios: God of Motivation, was a unique deity due to his humble beginnings. Xuthios was the only Greek god to be born from mortal, impoverished earthly parents. As a young child, Xuthios saw the slums on the outskirts of Athens that he resided in as a metaphorical cage of poverty and promised his parents and the gods above that he would rise up the ladders of success and evolve the slums into a utopia. As a young man he began with small, steady apprenticeships under a multitude of trades to strengthen his general business wisdom. Soon his intuition when it came to bartering and economy rivaled that of the highest members of Athens parliament, this all before most young men finished their military training. The doors of opportunity flung open around him and soon he gained a thirst for success, which was satisfying yet forever unquenchable. Xuthios built an empire around himself, he had a hand in every form of business, and gained wealth beyond his own original goals. What ultimately birthed the opportunity to ascend into the heavens and sit among the gods as an equal was his attitude towards that wealth. He thought nothing of the monetary gains, and seized the power as a tool to increase his reach. Xuthios invested all of his money, every dime from the moment he took apprenticeships as a young boy, and rebuilt the slums that he originated from. The slum was subsequently renamed Xutarens and was a beautiful monument to the dedication of its maker and the gods who allowed such success to progress. Xuthios was killed during a raid conspired by the greek city states of Sparta, Athens, and Thebes grew jealous of the success and attention received by the city of Xutarens. To keep their honor intact, the conspiring cities erased any mention of Xuthios or the metropolis of Xutarens from written history.Section heading Write the first paragraph of your page here.

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