The yacuruna is an aquatic mammal with the ability to live equally on land and underwater, with similarities to homo sapiens. The yacuruna shares basic physical attributes with homo sapiens, however, there are a few differences. The yacuruna have several distinct physical forms and can change their form at will. The first is their natural form, basically the form of a homo sapien with the head reversed, and facing backwards, and deformed feet. The second is that of a river dolphin. The third is that of a homo sapien.

The yacuruna can be found in the Amazon forest. The yacuruna spends the days in beautiful underwater cities made of pearls, crystal, and fish scales, located in the rivers and lakes of the Amazon forest. At night, the yacuruna has been seen riding crocodiles in their homo sapien form in the Amazon forest. The disappearances of many people have been attributed to the yacuruna. The yacuruna are believed to appear in their homo sapien form to lure people away to their underwater cities. Once in the cities, the abducted people slowly change and become one of the yacuruna. This change is irreversible, includes the head and feet deformation, and the new yacuruna is unable to return home.

The yacuruna also have several unique abilities. The yacuruna can communicate with other aquatic animals and control them, they are often times called in as shamans or assistants when someone is ill, and have been known to be knowledgeable healers. The yacuruna also give off an aphrodisiac scent that lures people away which makes it easier for the yacuruna to abduct people.  

Kandice Wentz