Yanacondila are giant, nonvenomous sea snakes found in the deep sea of Atlantic Ocean. Yanacondila belongs to the reptile family. They look like snakes but have fins. This is the second largest kind of snake in the world beside Anaconda. An adult Yanacondila can reach the length of 35 feet and weighed 300 pounds.

Due to the living condition its scales converted to small fins to help it breath under deep water. Therefore, they don’t change the skins every season like other snakes. Yanacondila is found at 13000 feet deep in the ocean where the sunlight can’t reach. The eyes are useless. They use mostly their noses and ears to sense.

Similarly to Anaconda, Yanacondila can squeeze the lives out of its preys in less than one minute. However beside strong muscles, Yanacondila also has stronger jaw. It can kill a sea lion with just one bite. Its food includes fish, octopus, sea lions, and other sea animals. Because of the low metabolism Yanacondila can eat once in every ten days and sleep most of the time.

The breeding season is around May when the water is not too cold but warms enough for the eggs to survive. A female Yanacondila can lay fifty eggs each time. One third of the eggs will survive and crack to baby Yanacondila. It takes two years for a baby one to fully grow and become an adult Yanacondila. Only one fifth of the babies will reach the adult stage the rest are food for fish, birds and other predators.

Yen Nguyen