Yeezy South


Yeezy South was born in Chicago, Illinois on June 8, 1967. Yeezy South grew up in a wealthy neighborhood that made him feel uncomfortable due to the demoralization he received from his parents. South at a very young age began to demonstrate artistic skills such as: seeing color in music, dressing in tight clothes, and an understanding of soulful music. At 15 years old he began to take the bus to the South Side of Chicago to be free from his parent's oppression. In South Side of the city, he felt calm and free because he was surrounded by people who did not pressure him to be someone he wasn't.  Yeezy enjoyed visiting various   because that's where he felt most at home. The music records allowed him to understand music and art at a level that was unheard off. 


At age 20 Yeezy South realized that he could not let go of his passion for music. Without his parent's blessing he left home and moved to the South Side of Chicago where he could be close to all the record stores. Working in a store called  "GOOD Records Music Store"  he learned how to make beats by testing every beat making electronic before putting it out on the sales floor. By making beats, he learned how to master and sample soul records to make them appealing to the Hip-Hop culture. He began to invite people who freestyled in the street to show them what he was working on. With little acceptance from the Hip-Hop community, he decided to stop showing the beats he produced. 


Kanye West moved from Atlanta, Georgia  to the South Side of Chicago when he was 15 years old. Kanye West enjoyed listening to music, but unfortunately, he accidentally left his records back in Georgia. West walked into "GOOD Records Music Store" to try to find his favorite records he left behind. Yeezy South enjoyed so much helping him that he decided to show Kanye West the beats he produced. Kanye West was in awe by the idea of "sampling" soul records into Hip-Hop records. Yeezy South and Kanye West started to meet up every day to produce beats in order to sell them.