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Youville is a town located outside of the city of Erie, Pennsylvania. There are 37 households residing in the town. Youville is located on a very unique plot of land right next to the great lakes in the United States. When an individual steps foot onto the land it immediately senses your emotions and the environment transforms into whatever that individual may be thinking. Negative thoughts morph into what you may fear, the sky becomes dark and gloomy, winds pick up to a near 60mph and any plants or vegetation occupying the land will begin to die off. In some cases where the land senses tension green rain may fall from the sky but is not toxic. When a human is feeling happy the sky turns a bright pink and the clouds turn into cotton candy. Birds from around the world will flock to Youville during this time and will inhabit the land so long as it remains in a positive state. The vegetation becomes plentiful and the sun shines bright. Butterflies of all species will fly around as well and will land on the back of the many animals that will venture out towards Youville. Youville receives its name based on the evidence that the land changes into what is the strongest emotions it senses in the people who inhabit the land. Youville does not have many who reside in the town because there are only few who are skilled enough to maintain a very positive state of mind to keep the land habitable.

Chelsea Meng

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