The Zapperoo was created in 1994 by the world famous Jeff Bloom. Bloom was born in Canada in 1962 and had been an inventor all his life, starting from childhood. He was inspired to create the Zapperoo because he was sick and tired of rude people. The Zapperoo was the first of its kind, when pointed at someone it can zap them into an oblivion for their rude actions or behaviors. Bloom is the sole owner of the zapperoo and has zapped over 500,000 people into oblivion for their rude ways. The government has tried to stop Bloom, but every attempt ended with mass zappings. What started as a small way to teach rude people manners, has become known world wide. Because of all the zappings he has committed he is one of the most wanted men in the world, but he always escapes because he can zapp authorities away. The Zapperoo and Bloom can actually still be seen today zapping people into an oblivion, possibly in a city near you.