Zieg Strife was born in Paris, France in the year 1967. He was born to Matilda and Christoph Strife at a small hospital healthy and strong. During his youth he was well educated and eventually graduated from Oxford with a degree in Law. He later went on to open his own firm in Paris, which quickly became known throughout the country. In his mid-twenties he married his longtime girlfriend Susan Tristky, and together they had four children. During his long life Zieg accomplished more than your average person, he won not only several key cases which became the basis for several laws and future cases, but he also led a successful career as a writer. His wealth and success led him to open Strife Orphanage for children of all ages, which not only provided food, shelter, and warm clothing, but also education. His orphanage employed several teachers to provide the children the education they deserved. He later retired as a lawyer to focus full-time on running his orphanage which had become well-known for turning out very well educated and well-mannered students. In recent years he has open another orphanage in Germany with the same accommodations as the first, and hopes it to will yield great results.