Zilla is the Utopian society created by Dan Hadley, former CEO and founder of Hadley Enterprises. Dan created the society in 2018 with the help of massive investments from foreign firms D. Lock and Associates, and P. Lockington Investors. It took over 800 construction workers and over 1,000 man hours to complete the project, as stated on the company’s yearly transparency report. The company employs over 500 permanent, salaried workers, with seasonal and contract work flowing in and out of the city.

Zilla generated massive interest while under construction—an estimated 250 million applications for residency were received. Hadley stated from the very beginning that, “the ultimate capacity of Zilla is still unknown. Our initial investments have allowed us to erect enough housing for over 500 million individuals.” As of the publishing of this encyclopedia, the current estimated population of Zilla is hovering at that 500 million mark. The housing in Zilla is universal, with people from all backgrounds living in similar accommodations. With no class system in place, there is little need for the residents to compete with tangible goods.

The local economy has been overall successful, but there still has not been a full return on the initial investments that were made. Hadley still owes 1.5 billion to the initial investors, and that debt is scheduled to be paid off by the year 2025. The current GDP of Zilla lies at 17 billion USD, which is equivalent to 17.5 billion in Zarks, the main form of currency in Zilla.

Joseph Buckmaster