Ziyon the Gorilla was entering his 6th season in the National Animal Basketball League with the Oakland Musketeers. He was coming off his incredible MVP year in he which led the Musketeers to the NABL Championship in 3035. Ziyon set a career and all time NABL record with the most points scored in a game with 135 points on April 1st 3036. Ziyon led his team over the Mississippi Steamboats with a 179-121 victory. The previous record was held by Louis the Giraffe in 3021 with 115 points.

Ziyon set the league record for most 3 point shots attempted, three point shots made, field goals made and field goals attempted. Ziyon shot 24 3 three point shots which helped his points add up quickly. Ziyon set the record as well for most points made in the second quarter with 41 points.  The Musketeer were trailing initially at the end of the first quarter 41 to 47 and with Ziyon’s incredible second quarter they were leading 94 to 63. Ziyon accounted for 75 percent of the team’s points.

With the incredible game by Ziyon his monthly averages were set to nearly 56 points a game. Ziyon won the league’s scoring title averaging 42 points a game in the 100 game season. This was a big contribution for Ziyon winning his second straight MVP award in 3036 and a second straight championship for the Musketeers. They won a total of 90 games and only 10 losses that year. With Ziyon the Musketeers also led in the NABL in average points per game for team with 135.5 points.

In 3038, Ziyon had a close call to the 135-point game with Edward the Dolphin coming 8 points shy of the record.