'Zlatan' (638-666 AD) was the second most powerful devil ever to walk the fires of Hell. He was the only son of Satan and had powers that almost surpassed that of his father's. Had he not been killed in 666 AD, he would of eventually grown into a stronger entity than Satan himself. Satan knew this and it scared him greatly. Zlatan chose to leave Hell in 665 after realizing that his heart was not evil like the rest of the devils in the underworld. After hearing that his son had left to join forces with God and the angels in Heaven, Satan formulated an attack that would eventually lead to his son's death.


Being a devil, Zlatan had fierce and jagged horns on top of his head and huge wings similar to those of a bat. He was twelve feet tall and weighed over two tons. He had the power to shape-shift into any creature or being that he wanted. He was able to create and manipulate fire through his hands and was able to freeze anything he wished to with his cold stare. His skin was silver and tough like metal, his eyes were red, and he had the strength of a thousand men. Although Zlatan became an angel toward the later years of his life, his appearance and powers did not change during his transformation.

Early LifeEdit

Zlatan was born in the year of 638 AD. His father raised him to be as cruel and evil as possible, yet Zlatan felt different from the rest of the creatures in Hell. He was unique from everyone else because he craved to be good. Although he loved his father, he did not want to be like him. Satan did not realize this until after Zlatan escaped from the underworld.

Escape from HellEdit

Zlatan left Hell in 665 to join God and his army of angels. This escape was not easy. Zlatan was forced to kill an army of demons guarding the gates of Hell. Although they were no match for him, news of his escape travelled fast.


After Satan learned of his son's betrayal, he swore to be the one to kill him. He immediately formulated a plan to attack Heaven. Not wanting to bring destruction to Heaven, Zlatan decided to leave and return to Hell once again in order to fight his father. Satan and Zlatan fought for several weeks. Eventually Satan managed to stab Zlatan in his heart with a sword, killing him.