Zombie is a term used for people suffering from a scientist made virus in 2012. Researchers were trying to create a method of biological warfare in Russia, and they created the zombie virus, which when exposed to, humans eat other people’s flesh and brains like maniacs, but move slowly to get to other people. This virus was originally created to use as a weapon, and the scientist’s Anton Vitally and Viktor Boris’s project was a success, and the first zombie was created on March 13th 2012. There have been several contained outbreaks around the world, including in China, Japan, South America, and North America. No known outbreaks have occurred in Europe yet.


Symptoms to look for to detect the zombie virus include a slow moving person or a slow moving group, groaning and drooling. If the zombie is old enough, it may appear to be decomposing, because it is. If they start moving faster when they see you and show any of the above symptoms, run immediately and try to find the nearest item that can be used as a weapon.


In order to prevent the zombie virus, take up cardio, especially running, because this is the biggest and easiest form of prevention. Stock up on goods so you can stay inside your home for a prolonged period of time if need be. Learn how to use a soundless weapon, like a knife, or ideally a sward if you can find one. It is also important to learn how to use a gun for extreme cases that you may have to kill a large amount of zombies. Avoid using a gun if you can, the sound attracts more, or buy a silencer. This virus is transmitted from a zombie bite, which turns the victim into a zombie within 30 minutes. Even if you think you know your friend, after they are bit all they know is that they want human flesh, and it is advised to kill people who are bitten by a zombie before they turn, for the safety of who ever happens to be around the victim when they turn.

Patricia Daley