The Anderson Virus

The Zombie Virus is a highly contagious disease that can transform a normal person into an irrational killing machine. Zombies are often depict as brain dead humans that terrorized the human race throughout history.

It is rumored that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) have specimen of these creatures in laboratories for study. A recent classified report surfaced from the CDC stating that these zombies have the ability to attack unsuspected victims at any time by morphing into any animal they wish. Studies have shown that zombies can adapt and evolve to their surroundings to hunt for their prey.

On May 26, 2012, a suspected zombie attack occurred in Miami, Florida. The victim, Ronald Poppo was ambushed by what seems like a naked man. The horrific incident was captured by a surveillance video camera; the zombie knocked the victim unconscious and began to consume the victim’s face. Eyewitnesses report that the zombie acted like a wild animal. When the police arrived, an officer ordered the zombie to stop. However, it simply ignored the officer’s order and continues to gnarr at the victim. Without any other choice, the officer fired upon the zombie. After the incident, Ronald Poppo was taken to the hospital. Although in critical condition, miraculously, Poppo was still alive. As an attempt to preserve peace and order, the CDC rules the incident as an overdose drug case.

Similar cases of “drug overdose” involving victims being bitten or assaulted by another human being are reported throughout the East Coast. The police usually involved with cases like these, the CDC took over the entire operation to control such cases.