Zombies are fictional characters that are created through the reanimation of a human corpse. They are dead bodies that can be made by magic or other modern studies incorporating science fictional methods, carriers, radiation, mental diseases, vectors, viruses and even scientific accidents.

With extremely high or low temperature of your body, sweating, looking tired, being slightly pale or discolored are signs of a nearby zombie or becoming one yourself. A simple bite of a zombie can cause the infection to develop and transfer in the zombie virus. Other fluids or the blood of a zombie that gets into your mouth, eyes, or an open wound will go through your bloodstream. People will say it’s like getting zombie AIDS. The transfer of the saliva to the blood is the highest recurrent spread of zombie transfer along with any contact of bodily fluid. Call to mind, once a zombie is spotted eating off of living flesh, run away! They chase for the freshest ingredients especially the human brain because the smarter, the better.  

Zombie rudolph

There are two varying of zombies; the fast and the slow. Fast zombies are human beings that are infected and causes their minds to be controlled by the virus. Technically, they are still alive but had mentally and physically transformed themselves by an unknown viral infection. They look to kill and feed because they eventually can die from thirst or hunger. Slow zombies are considered as the “living or walking dead”. The victim has to die first before their body becomes reborn as a zombie. Their bodies become rotten, so they must feed on flesh to regenerate the dead cells in their bodies. It is important to restore dead or damaged cells.

Remember, zombies do not know what they are doing. Unfortunately, there is no cure for their infection, no sleeping nights and no matter what the circumstances are, they will not stop coming at you. In order to survive an outbreak, weapons can include firearms and melees. Zombies depend on their organ systems. They can be killed through blood loss and poisoning. But, the important zone to aim for would be the functioning brain itself. They are like computers that have to be shut down. DESTROY the brains. No matter how many body parts you stab or shoot, the brain is the key to end their population. Zombies are dead people that walk around looking for living flesh aka humans and animals. Keep in mind that both kinds of zombies have only one drive – killings humans.

By Trina Douangphachanh