On September 17, 2019, reports circulated on social media of people attacking and trying to eat individuals in South Beach, Florida. Social media was flooded with videos showing individuals biting and devouring the flesh of people on the beach. Some of the assailants appeared mutilated and missing body appendages.

In the viral video posted from famed blogger, Harvey Levin shows a middle-aged woman rip the throat off of a young man with her teeth, eat a chunk of his flesh, and run off camera. 10 seconds later, the young man with his throat lacerated, rises from the ground and run towards the blogger.  Levin uploaded the video to social media within seconds.

The incident on South Beach lasted one hour before the military started securing the area. In another viral video, soldiers are seen opening fire on the beach. In a matter of minutes, everyone on the beach was dead. After the cease-fire, military officers are seen securing the perimeter and shooting people in the head that weren’t killed from the initial fire.

Authorities issued a mandatory curfew and informed the people of South Beach to stay indoors, or otherwise, they would be shot on site; this curfew lasted for 24 hours. Later that day, authorities issued a statement saying the outbreak was contained and the incident was caused by a terrorist attack, involving a nerve gas which infected people with cannibalistic rage. Scientists are examining this virus and have yet to discover it’s origins.  

As of today, no other incident like this has occurred.