In a case study in 1956, Scientist Roman Burmingham had discovered a new parasite unknown to humans. In his research, he intended to test the blood samples of bats that he and his research team found dwelling in the caves located in the Northern areas of Brazil. After running a few tests, Burminham concluded that bats carried a special kind of mutation in their DNA which would make humans immune to many viruses and cancers known to human existence. He was convinced that the blood of bats would be the biggest cure ever found that could save many lives. According to Burmingham’s colleagues, on a night of October 31, 1956, Burmingham’s research took a steep turn when they heard loud screams coming from Burmingham’s laboratory. When they followed the screams, they discovered Burmingham squirming on the ground as if having a seizure. A few moments later, Burmingham stopped moving and had turned pale. A paramedic team rushed him to the nearest doctor in the encampment but when they did, it was too late. Burmingham had passed away. A few hours after Burminghams death, Burmingham was reportedly seen stumbling through the encampment.  Burminghams coulleage, Maurice was a witness to the events and he said, “I was very shaken during the moment that I saw Burmingham walk through the encampment because I saw him die. But I noticed something horribly wrong when I called out to him and he would not respond. I approached him and grabbed his arm. Instantaneously, he became very aggressive and turned around and tried to bite me. I saw him salivating as if he was hungry for food and maybe saw me as his first lunch meal after coming back from the dead. Fortunately, an officer got involved and saved my life.” Burmingham was shot dead. After tests were ran to determine the cause of death that led Burmingham to rise from the dead, a parasite was found in Bruminghams body and traced back to the bats Burmingham was obsessed with.