Zoopop Day

Zoopop Day is a holiday, observed in the United States and Canada, celebrated on the third Friday of September. On this day people dress up as an animal of their choice.  This holiday is not only popular among children but it is highly popular among people of all ages. Employers encourage their employees to participate in the holiday in place of casual Friday. In celebration of this day, most bars have happy hour from 9-5 in addition to their normal hours. On this day businesses close early to allow people to get ready for the city-wide potluck. This potluck is held at the city’s convention center and every family or group of four, with a dish, gets in free. Most dishes are made to have anywhere from 10-30 servings and are usually creatively animal themed. About one hundred people are allowed in with a small fee of $10. This covers the payment for the bouncers and the clean-up crew.


This holiday originated in 1942 in California at an elementary school. Children in a third grade class decided to have a back to school potluck after performing a play for their parents. In this play they all portrayed a different animal, hence the animal costumes. A story about the play was written in the school newspaper which caught the attention of a TJI (This Just In) reporter. News of this cute event spread throughout the state then spread to other states. Eventually, as it grew in popularity, the Canadians copied this American holiday.

                                                                                                                            -Stephanie Gutierrez